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Phnom Penh is the capital and largest city of Cambodia. Located on the banks of the Tonle Sap and Mekong River, Phnom Penh has been the national capital since French colonization of Cambodia, and has grown to become the nation's center of economic and industrial activities, as well as the center of security, politics, cultural heritage, and diplomacy of Cambodia. Once known as the "Pearl of Asia," it was considered one of the loveliest French-built cities in Indochina.

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Kampot is a province of Cambodia. It borders the provinces of Koh Kong and Kampong Speu to the north, Takeo to the east, Sihanoukville to the west and Kep as well as a long coastline on the Gulf of Thailand to the south, Its capital is Kampot town. Kampot has a population of 627,884 and consist of eight districts divided into 92 communes with a total of 477 villages. Touk Meas City is located in Kampot Province. Kampot town is the capital of Kampot Province. The city is a quiet riverside town j
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Hello everyone,

Welcome to Budget Cambodia Tours.

Budget Cambodia Tours, makes travelling in Cambodia easy, friendly and hassle free by providing a full range of travel services. We can organise your whole trip or part of it. Let us know as we are here to assist you.

Whether you are visiting on holiday, or for business, leading a visiting team working on a project, or hosting a visiting team with Budget Cambodia Tours can provide a complete range of services including:

hotel reservations, 
restaurant bookings, 
transport within a city or between different locations, 
tour guides and translators in English, Chinese, Korean, French or Japanese.

We can tailor our services to suit your needs.

Budget Cambodia Tours has cars, mini vans and a full range of bus sizes and/or tuk tuk’s available.

Please explore our website for ideas and needs.

Our service is:

· Friendly
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Budget Cambodia Tours was founded in 2011 and has been a growing success based on maintaining strong ethics. Please view some of the testimonials from our valued and satisfied customers: here; If you wish to leave a comment or testimonial please use our contact us page by following this link.;
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As the Owner/Manager, I have experience as a driver/tour organiser and guide for more than five years. Previous to starting up the company I was an interpreter for a mission medical team.
Our company assists, where possible, the children in the village I grew up in with school supplies so that they can obtain a good education.

In Cambodia it is extremely important for children to have access to education so their futures can be secured for employment and to improve their living standards.

It is important for the sustainable future of Cambodia.

If you are interested in visiting this village and school, please let us know, so we can arrange and give you that authentic experience as part of your visit.

Hoping you enjoy the website and it assists you in planning your trip to Cambodia.

We hope to hear from you soon.

I hope, that all visitors to this website will keep Budget Cambodia Tours in mind when you need your tour organised, or need drivers or interpreters while you are in Cambodia.

Yours respectfully,

Thoeun Chanthorn
Founder/ Manager
Budget Cambodia Tours

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Cars Rental
Van & Driver Rental | $US40 day
Van Rental - For short or long trips for up to 10 people an air-conditioned Van is the way to go. Ask us for more details.
Cars Rental
Accommodation | varies night
We can arrange any length and level of accommodation you desire from simple hut or guest house through to 5 star hotel and resorts. We have made connections with many accommodation providers from different levels throughout Cambodia through our extensive tour work. We work with only reputable suppliers who have a proven track record in the industry.
Cars Rental
Tok Tok Rental | $US20 day
Tuk Tuk Rental – Short trips use a tuk tuk for up to 3 people plus guide (if more than 3 people we can organise more than 1 Tuk Tuk), traditionally loved by tourists as a way around the close packed cities and short distances into the country. Ask us for more details.
Cars Rental
Guide Service | varies tour
Do you need a guide for your tours? Our experienced guides are available for your service and can accompany you on your trip. We have found that having a guide makes all the difference to your enjoyment, helping to negotiate you through the intricacies of Cambodian society. Our guides add an element of local knowledge to your understanding of what you see on your trip.
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